Our Story - The Correct Story, as narrated by Tony

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Hey!  I'm Tony.  Time for my rebuttal!


OK, so her story had a lot of facts that were true, and some of them weren't too flattering for me.  But you see, what had happened was...she was sitting there looking all good and stuff...and I was a teenage boy...I slipped...and my tongue fell in her mouth!  It was totally an accident!  And as far as me torturing her with a feather when she couldn't do anything about it?  We've been married almost 20 years.  I think you've paid me back 




Q. Why come to FACET (R)eSale for stuff and not the big box stores? 
A. Money.  You like it.  You want to keep as much of yours as possible.  We get it.  That's why our mission is to help you do that (over 90% of our inventory is 30% less than the big box stores).  So that's why you come to FACET!

Q. That sounds wonderful!  Why WOULDN'T people come to FACET (R)eSale for the things they want to buy?
A.  If you care that the box/container/packaging your (still perfect) product comes in doesn't look pretty...we might not be the store for you.  We're about saving you money, not looking pretty while doing it.  We could give you pretty, but it would probably end up costing us and you around 30% more.  So you see where I'm going with this...

Q. 30% off Big Box stores is a lot.  How can you do that and stay in business?
A. Unlike the people that own/run the big box stores and/or their shareholders, we're not trying to get all the money in the world.  

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