About Us

We are Erika and Tony.  We have known each other since the third grade(-ish), got married after 20+ years of friendship, and have been married for almost 20 more.  We've spent most of our lives in Macomb County, Michigan and consider it home.  We're real people in the local area who started a small business, because Erika got laid off due to the pandemic.

We've always been the kind of people who would rather save money getting something considered "New/Open-Box" or "Damaged Box", rather than pay full price. 

Someone opened the box?  You mean we can pay less because of that?!  (Guess what we were going to do when we got home anyway?  Open it!) 


The box is damaged...but the product is perfectly fine?  You mean we can pay less because of that?!  (um, the box was going in the garbage anyway)


What's that you say?  Someone ordered a red one, but they shipped them a blue one, so they returned it?  You mean we can pay less because of that?!

We'll take that all day long and twice on Sunday!  We figure in that respect there are probably a lot more people like us.  So we decided to cater to you.