Kantek Magnifier,24",Widescreen

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Model #MAG24WL

  • Fully assembled, elegant, lightweight, and patented design, Designed for LCD monitors, NOT SUITABLE FOR LAPTOPS
  • Manufactured of an optical grade acrylic Fresnel lens, increasing character size by more than double
  • Adjustable magnification minimizes distortion by adjusting magnifier to be slightly closer or farther from the display
  • Product measures 23-1/2 inch wide x 14-1/4 inch high x 7 inch deep, covering a visual area of 21-7/8 inch wide x 13-3/4 inch high. Please make sure to select the correct size filter for your monitor
  • Designed for general office use in a normal ambient light environment. Note: Any intense lighting in the perimeter of the work area will be reflected within the Fresnel grooves and cause a distracting visual
  • Light tint for contrast enhancement thereby increasing readability. Note: Tint may further restrict visibility
  • Note: If the monitor used has poor resolution, product will magnify the poor resolution