Fahrenheat 58" Portable Baseboard Heater

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Fahrenheat model #FHP1500TA

  • Start heating immediately; this portable hydronic baseboard heater comes equipped with a standard 120-Volt plug, so you can quickly add it to any room that needs extra warmth
  • Baseboard model provides worry-free heating around pets and kids thanks to its hydronic design; the surface of the unit stays cooler to the touch while still providing reliable radiant heat
  • Convection heater starts up and stops without the disruptive popping or pinging sounds given off by traditional baseboard models
  • Keep dust and other particles from circulating, thanks to this hydronic baseboard heater's fanless operation; with no blower or exhaust fan, allergens and dander won't be blowing around the room
  • Keep the room comfortable and reduce unnecessary on/off cycles with up to 100% energy-efficient design
  • For worry-free warmth, the unit's overheat protection feature prevents the heater from running when its air intake is blocked
  • Thanks to its low-profile design, this portable baseboard heater installs unobtrusively in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and dens; just plug it in and start heating immediately
  • Now you can start heating before you even turn on the lights with this baseboard heater's illuminated on/off switch
  • Even after the thermostat turns off, this unit continues heating the room, thanks to its hydronic element immersed in a special heat-transfer liquid
  • Prevent the insertion of foreign objects and other airflow blockages with this hydronic baseboard heater; its welded bar grille offers maximum airflow without allowing entry points for tampering
  • Portable, plug-in unit; 58 in. length; 120-Volt, 1500-Watt, 12.5 Amp; field-installed thermostat